Wendy and Cheetah earn their ADCH
Wendy and Cheetah - ADCH!

Wendy Pendleton

Wendy teaches Beginning and Intermediate I Agility at Love on a Leash along with her dog Cheetah who helps demonstrate "how it's done." She has been training with Love on a Leash since her older Golden Tegan's puppy class (at 16 wks) in 1995, when she got her first introduction to positive dog training. Wendy says, before Tegan, the last time she trained a dog, she was 12 years old!

When she's not doing agility, she teaches Earth Science and Biology to ninth and tenth graders, and she says, "Dogs are easier!!!"

Some photos of Cheetah:

Cheetah - tunnel

Cheetah - jump

Cheetah - tire