Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for a class at Love on a Leash? Click the button on the left that says "Class Schedule." There you will find a list of available classes and a registration form to print, fill in, and mail along with payment or deposit.

I have a different question. Where can I get answers? The navigation bar at left provides links to most of our important information including a calendar, a class schedule, course descriptions, and membership information. Most of your other questions will be answered in class.

Can you recommend a groomer? / Where is the best place to board my dog? We recommend Puppy Love Dog Grooming and Boarding. You may reach them at 833-6901.

Do you accept small dogs? Yes. Small dogs participate in all Love on a Leash activities. Properly socialized dogs of all sizes can play and work together.

When will the next round of classes start? Most likely, they will start a week or two after the current session. The new schedule will be posted as soon as it is available.

HELP! My dog bites! Call Love on a Leash immediately, and be sure your voicemail message says that your dog has an aggression problem. Also do the following right away:

  1. Make sure your dog has absolutely no opportunity to hurt a person or dog during the intervention period.
  2. Do not allow anyone to punish your dog for aggression. Punishment increases fear and aggression.
  3. If the problem has developed suddenly, take your dog to the vet to check for possible physical causes. Your vet may also be able to sell you a muzzle to help make re-training safer.
  4. Start watching your dog very closely for the slightest signal of distress. Learn what sorts of situations trigger your dog's response and remove the triggers as much as possible, preferably before your dog alerts. You will need a good understanding of your dog's responses to address the situation effectively.

Do you offer more advanced classes in agility and obedience? Yes. Information on upcoming classes is available from the instructors of intermediate classes. Please call Love on a Leash for an evaluation if you wish to enter an advanced class without taking the beginners classes at this facility.

Do you offer classes on cat training? No.